Kostwein Gruppe


As a family-owned company we focus on long-lasting and sustainable success. Particular focus in all actions is given to the customer and our employees.



Kostwein is a family-managed company. 

A flat-level organization with short decision ways brings the focus to sustainable and long-lasting success. Sustainable economy is not only a keyword for us – it means great responsibility lived in an active way. This comprises courage and confidence to look forward,   to implement necessary changes and to develop innovation without leaving longstanding ways.  The owner and the management live these principles in an active way and create an efficient working environment, which is the base for engagement and commitment of all employees.

The customer is the central focus in all actions. This is part of the management philosophy and characterizes the acting of all employees.

Process Innovation and an active lived World Class Manufacturing Philosophy with involvement of staff assure competitiveness. 

Constant training and advanced training, especially the importance of the company own apprenticeship training, as well as investments in new technologies assure sustainable growth in harmony with the environment.