Kostwein Gruppe


The family-owned company exists now already for 90 years and is managed in third generation by Hans Kostwein, Heinz Kostwein and Ulrike Schrott-Kostwein.


As a family-owned company, rich of tradition, we look for long lasting and sustainable success.

Sustainability - Economy

Thanks to the solid equity capital base Kostwein is independent and strategically focused on sustainable success. The focus is mainly on achieving long term targets involving all employees according to the WCM philosophy. Constant training and advanced training as well as investments in new technologies assure competitiveness and profitability.

Sustainabiliy - Social Responsibility 

Social sustainability is reflected in active responsibility for safety and satisfaction of the employees.  

The value oriented corporate culture forms a common ground for the motivation of the employees and thereby creates added value for the company making us even more competitive.


Sustainability - Ecology

Active environmental protection and solutions under protection of resources consider the needs of present and future generations.