Kostwein Gruppe


The family-owned company exists now already for 90 years and is managed in third generation by Hans Kostwein, Heinz Kostwein and Ulrike Schrott-Kostwein.



Kostwein wins award for best plant 2012

After an audit executed by the Fraunhofer-institute and a hearing in front of a top class jury Kostwein won the competion:"Plant 2012".Achieving this award in the toughest production competition in Austria means a big...[more]


Kostwein is the best family-owned company of Austria

Winner in Carinthia and Austria - Kostwein Group: Economics Minister Reinhold Mitterlehner (left) and Head of Supervisory Board of the Spängler Bank Heinrich Spängler (right) applaud Ulrike Schrott-Kostwein and Hans...[more]


Award of the coat of arms of Carinthia

Governor Dörfler awarded Kostwein Maschinenbau GmbH with the coat of arms of Carinthia. Link to full article [more]