Kostwein Gruppe

Company Policy

As family owned business we are striving for long-term and sustainable growth and success. The lived corporate culture and leadership are building the foundation for the development of the strategies.

Those are measured by




The EFQM-Modell serves as a guide line for realizing our vision to be best partner in the Build-to-Print business for global world market leaders in the mechanical engineering industry. On the way from World Class Manufacturing with the slogan





to World Class Enterprise with  the focus on highest quality, shortest lead time and best Life-Cycle-Cost, worldwide, this model considers the needs of all Stakeholders. This means for us, to lead with vision, inspiration and integrity and to create benefits for the customers by involving all members.


As entrepreneurs within the company the executive team leaders are managing their processes on all levels of the organization. The networking approach with suppliers and partners is fair, open and transparent and is also targeted for the long-term.


With the commitment to invest in the education of the young and the duty to environmental care and the gentle use of resources we confess to take responsibility for a sustainable future development.



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Sustaining Outstanding Results

·         being the best in the built-to-print-business– based on the partnerships with our customers

·         taking care of our employees

·         respecting partners

·         using resources economically

·         respecting the environment


Succeeding through the Talent of People

·         trust

·         liberty to do one´s own thing

·         purpose of being part of something great


Managing Agility

·         supporting flexibility

·         multi-skillness

·         using methods like scrum


Leading with Vision, Inspiration & Integrity

·         in Kostwein´s excellence model managers are the most important stakeholders

·         say what you do – do what you say

·         leading principles: trust, appreciation, respect, competence


Adding Value for Customers

·         strengthening customer value and satisfaction

·         developing strategic partnerships

·         strengthening the final customer‘s perspective

·         life-time-cost and life-cycle management


Creating a Sustainable Future

·         focusing on long-term results

·         being aware of megatrends

·         developing basic values

·         strengthening importance


Developing Organisational Capability

·         increasing the personal responsibility of all involved persons

·         entrepreneur within the company

·         pro-active benchmarking and searching for best practices

·         connecting networks professionally


Harnessing Creativity & Innovation

·         expanding development networks

·         creating links to start-ups